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Biking like a Viking

Winter cycling brings all the benefits of fair-weather riding with just some thoughtful preparation. Years ago, in one of our ever-more-rare cold snaps, I was in front of my house waiting for my child to get home on the school bus when up the street came a lone…
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Planting the seeds of spring

Mark your calendars – Feb. 3. Seedy Saturday by Green Venture is an opportunity to swap seeds with other gardeners, buy from small companies and share passion for gardeners. If you’re a gardener, there is a part of the depths of winter you always look forward to. Not…
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Calling for a miracle for local journalism

Hamilton's public relations ranks vastly outnumbers reporters in this city and that's bad news, says one of those PR pros. Jay Robb says supporting The Hamilton Spectator is a 'crucible moment' for Hamilton. Editor’s note: This piece by Jay Robb originally appeared in The Hamilton Spectator on Oct.
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The Greenbelt and other wins of 2023

We’ve come to the end of what may be one of the most significant years for the environment in Hamilton in a very long time. At the end of August, I received an invitation to gather with some friends on the patio of the West Town on Locke…
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In photos: Life-size dinosaurs take over convention centre

Travel back billions of years and get up close with Jurassic Quest’s animatronic giants built in painstakingly realistic detail. You’ll be as close as you’ll ever get to walking the earth with dinosaurs when Jurassic Quest’s realistic, life-size creatures rumble into town. The show features a herd of…
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The transformative potential of slower streets

Everyone wins when vehicles move at lower speeds and when pedestrian and cyclist safety is prioritized. Sometimes transformative change comes from a major development or initiative. Few would argue the long-term potential something like light-rail transit will have on making Hamilton a more economically and environmentally sustainable…