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Made In Hamilton

Made in Hamilton

Sweet and spicy

Hamilton is home to a pair of iconic companies that are as delicious as they are historic. Hamilton is well-known for its healthcare, education and manufacturing sectors but let’s not forget about the city’s reputation for delectable and delicious food. In fact, we have two historic companies that…
Made in Hamilton

Hops & Dreams

Innovative hometown brewery Collective Arts has created its vision for the ‘world’s most refreshing art gallery’ right here in Hamilton. For more than a century, Hamilton has been known as the Ambitious City – a place for tenacious entrepreneurs to grow big dreams against a backdrop of industrial…
Hamilton Music Collective
Hamilton music Collective
Arts for All
Made in Hamilton

Commerce and community

John Porter’s BarterPay is helping its users save money in an ever-challenging economy. In business, the best way to prove your concept is to demonstrate it successfully.   This is exactly what BarterPay CEO John Porter did when he secured an interview with digital marketing guru and VaynerX founder…
Made in Hamilton

Time for change

This content is created by Avondale Restaurant Equipment. Avondale Restaurant Equipment is revolutionizing guest service with the introduction of SIRA – the Service Industry Robotic Assistant. A lot can be said about food service and over the last three years – some good, some bad.  Many…
Made in Hamilton

Building affordable choice in housing

New Horizon Development Group is at the forefront of several affordable and attainable housing initiatives in Hamilton and beyond. The West End Home Builders’ Association is committed to supporting housing opportunities and choice for current and future residents in the Hamilton-Halton area. From the post-World War II baby…
Made in Hamilton

Empowering the Community

Massive $1.9 million investment will help Empowerment Squared support Black entrepreneurs in Hamilton. Empowerment Squared is a Hamilton-based charitable organization that works to ensure that newcomer, racialized, and marginalized individuals and families are given the tools, resources and opportunities to succeed, regardless of their past experiences and economic…