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Made in Hamilton

Made in Hamilton

Empowering the Community

Massive $1.9 million investment will help Empowerment Squared support Black entrepreneurs in Hamilton. Empowerment Squared is a Hamilton-based charitable organization that works to ensure that newcomer, racialized, and marginalized individuals and families are given the tools, resources and opportunities to succeed, regardless of their past experiences and economic…
Made in Hamilton

Making Christmas Magic

The annual Christmas party at Dofasco – once the biggest indoor employee holiday event in the Commonwealth – is a Hamilton tradition 85 years in the making. And it's now making its return after a two-year pause. Back in the mid-’60s, siblings Jim and Elaine Stewart…
Hamilton Music Collective
Curran CGS
Hamilton music Collective
Theodore Tug Boat
Made in Hamilton

Creature Comforts

Recognizing the calming effect that a single plush teddy bear can have on a traumatized child, Lena Bassford is looking to get Comfort Bears into the arms of even more kids in Hamilton and beyond. There is one story that Comfort Bears founder Lena Bassford often thinks about. …
Made in Hamilton

The Comeback Kid

Emily O’Brien didn’t let a prison sentence for drug smuggling define her life. With a dash of determination, a pinch of perseverance and a whole lot of hustle, she’s concocted quite the recipe for success. Scanning the evening crowd at RELAY Coffee on King William Street…