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Food + Drink

Food + Drink

Two days of fun, eating, drinking coming to town

Hamilton's Food & Drink Fest is marking 15 years of celebrating Hamilton and Burlington chefs, restaurants and food makers. Sipping, savouring, sampling and teasing the tastebuds is the agenda for the 2023 Food & Drink Fest, dubbed the region’s most fun and delicious culinary, wine, spirit…
Food + Drink

Feasting on tradition

It takes 150 kg each of pork rinds, belly, ribs, and fat, 120 kg each of hocks and tails, 10 cases of cabbage and five cases of rapini to pull off the frittule dinner at the Donnici Social Club. HAMILTON CITY Magazine was there for the frittule feast…
Food + Drink

Pasta Mercato expands, rebrands as Artie’s

Melanie and Roman Kremnev bring decades of experience to their Locke Street shop that features pasta, sandwiches, sweets and coffee. And pizza is now on the menu. Who, you may ask, is Artie? It’s Arthur, the newest member of the Kremnev team – and apparently, he is the…
Food + Drink

Soup, Soup, Hooray!

Looking to beat the winter blahs? Tantalize your tastebuds with a bowl of savoury soup from one of the area’s many eateries. Here are a few of our favourites. During this chilly weather season, is there anything better than slurping up a hot, steaming bowl of…
Food + Drink

Big Breakfasts & Beautiful Brunch

During the chillier months, what could be more comforting than a big, hearty breakfast? Nothing fills the stomach quite like it. From the traditional to the modern, you will find a wide range of tantalizing breakfast joints in the Hamilton-Burlington area that will be a perfect start to…
Food + Drink

Brushing Up on a Good Time

A new Hamilton business is mixing make-up with mimosas and the results are creating quite the splash. Alyson Harper, left, and Shonna Forrest bring close to two decades of make-up artist experience to Brushes & Bubbly. Photos: Amariah/@littletwigphotography What’s not to love about a new Hamilton business that…
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