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Made In Hamilton

Made in Hamilton

Preaching to the converted: New life for old churches

Ring the bells, Hamilton’s church conversion game is heating up all across the city. It all started with a parade. When they laid the cornerstone at St. Thomas Anglican Church, Victorian Hamilton threw a party. To celebrate the new church at Main Street and West Avenue, the band…
Made in Hamilton

Hamilton waterfront: A fear of heights

Opponents of a 45-storey tower on the Hamilton waterfront say it’s too tall. The fact is, it’s not tall enough, argues architect Bill Curran. The Hancock Tower in Chicago was the world’s first high-rise home built in 1969, with 700 apartments stretching up 100 floors. It remains a…
Made in Hamilton

Mamaraderie builds a village for moms

Hamilton entrepreneurs create online platform for moms of all kinds to forge friendships, support networks and community. It takes a village to raise a child, the old adage goes, but where does one find a village these days? That’s where Mamaraderie (rhymes with camaraderie)…
Made in Hamilton

Building the places to call home

Hamilton-based housing provider Indwell has grown from operating a single group home on Locke Street to building affordable housing across southern Ontario. It’s not often that people cheer the destruction of a local landmark. And yet, when workers began ripping apart the windowless – and derelict – Ottawa…
Made in Hamilton

Film industry is zooming in on Hamilton

The city has become a movie and TV powerhouse for many reasons and its star is only rising. “You can fake it all in Hamilton.”  That’s according to Zach Zohr. And he would know. He’s been working in the film industry for over 25 years. He heads up…
Made in Hamilton

Steel goes green

The steel industry, long a part of Hamilton’s lifeblood, has endured 50 years of turmoil, writes Eugene Ellmen. But things are turning around as the world discovers the importance of steel in the fight against global warming. Steel is all around us. It’s in the engines and…
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