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If spending most of winter inside has you going a little stir crazy, we have some good news: Spring brings no shortage of arts-related events to cure your cabin fever. With that in mind, here are but six local happenings that will surely put a “spring” in your step!

Open Jam at the Gasworks

The Hamilton Music Collective invites aspiring young musicians to climb out of their parents’ basements and emerge from their garages to experience the thrill of performing on a real stage. Its open jam sessions – held on the last Saturday of each month on stage at the historic Gasworks – provides young talents 18 years old and under the opportunity to hone their craft while living out their musical dreams. Solo artists and musical groups are welcome, and for additional support – creatively and musically – the HMC’s house band will be available for backup.

Sit Down for Stand Up 

Give your hump days a boost of humour and support the future of comedy by hitting up amateur night at Levity Comedy Club for dinner and a show. Every Wednesday night, enthusiastic -– and hopefully kind – audiences are treated to half-price wings and drink specials while a host of brave souls – aka amateur stand-ups – take the stage to spin a funny yarn. As the comics work the crowd, eliciting giggles and guffaws, they massage their material, ironing out the kinks that may someday make the grind of open mic nights pay off. Wednesdays, 7 p.m.

Dark and Steamy

As the darkness descends on an early spring evening, so, too, do the guests to the Steam Museum for a special “after dark'' tour. The museum is housed in the Hamilton Waterworks complex - a National Historic Site - and takes visitors down into the rarely seen basement of the 1913 electric pumphouse. Wander the same hallways as the Victorian engineers once did, imagining what working the nightshift looked like for them all those years ago (spoiler – it was dim). Fortunately, flashlights are provided as are hardhats, so no need to do your hair that day. Check out the website for full details. March 31-April 1, 7:30 p.m. 900 Woodward Ave.

Castle Classes

This March Break, join the staff from the Hamilton Children’s Museum as they teach young participants to create art through science. Their one-hour engaging workshops – held at the too-cool-for-school Dundurn Castle – will ensure a memorable learning experience that’s guaranteed to stick. Parental accompaniment is required, so the attending adults will get to learn a thing or two as well. Bye-bye brain drain. Head to the website for more info and to pre-register. March 13-17, 10:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Squares of Solidarity

The storied history of the banners of the labour movement is a colourful one – beginning as an identifier of each union and evolving into an overall representation of solidarity. Learn more about the history of these displays of strength and unity and the people behind them at the Workers Art and Heritage Centre, where the graphically stunning and historically significant banners from its permanent collection are on display. Through Aug. 31.

A New Musical at Theatre Aquarius 

Multi-faceted, award-winning recording artist Johnny Reid has a story to tell, and this time it’s personal. Reid, together with Canadian screenwriter Matt Murray, presents Maggie – a New Musical, a story of love and strength inspired by the life of his Scottish grandmother. With an inspirational story spanning decades, celebrating the power of a mother’s love and an original soundtrack that will be guaranteed to pull at heartstrings, the production is sure to be unforgettable as well as a new classic. Be sure to catch the world premiere -– and some Canadian musical theatre bragging rights – when the show graces the stage at Theatre Aquarius. April 19-May 6.