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Why basic income still matters

Researchers, authors and filmmakers reflect on a social program that puts human thriving at the centre of policy-making. By film and by photo, zine and op-ed, book authors, researchers, and oral presenters impressed upon 100 people gathered in downtown Hamilton why basic income still matters.  The Hamilton Roundtable…
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Pride: Aging ally journeys from fear to love

My mother-in-law’s faith meant she struggled to accept her daughter as a lesbian. But over time, she offered blessings at our wedding and decked herself out in Pride colours in her retirement home. “You seem like a very nice lady, but I can never accept this.” The speaker…
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A safe place: Hamilton Catholic high school raises Pride flag

Father Jarek Pachocki brought Ted Lasso’s message of acceptance – 'We don't NOT care' – to Bishop Ryan’s ceremony. June 1 was a day of many premiere experiences at Hamilton’s Bishop Ryan (BR) Catholic Secondary School. It was the first time Celtic FREE (Fostering Respect, Equality and Experience),…