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Made in Hamilton

Commerce and community

John Porter’s BarterPay is helping its users save money in an ever-challenging economy. In business, the best way to prove your concept is to demonstrate it successfully.   This is exactly what BarterPay CEO John Porter did when he secured an interview with digital marketing guru and VaynerX founder…
Food + Drink

Diverse & Delicious

The Hamilton and Burlington area boasts an impressive number of restaurants that feature all manner of culinary cultures. No matter what you’re craving and no matter what country it’s from, chances are you can find it here. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list, by no means…
Made in Hamilton

Creature Comforts

Recognizing the calming effect that a single plush teddy bear can have on a traumatized child, Lena Bassford is looking to get Comfort Bears into the arms of even more kids in Hamilton and beyond. There is one story that Comfort Bears founder Lena Bassford often thinks about. …
City Life

A Voice For Change

Lyndon George is a proud Hamiltonian, a community builder and an anti-racism advocate who is working to make the city a better, fairer, safer place for all. As the executive director of the Hamilton Anti-Racism Resource Centre (HARRC), Lyndon George holds a prominent role in helping residents who are…
Hamilton music Collective