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Arts + Culture

Arts + Culture

History teaches the stubbornness of the Hamilton artist

This year has brought three exhibitions about the city’s artistic past at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, McMaster Museum of Art and Hamilton Artists’ Inc. There is a special place on my bookshelf for Climbing the Cold White Peaks, a book produced by Hamilton Artists Inc. in the…
Arts + Culture

Crafting a creative hub

Hamilton Craft Studios offers an affordable and fun space to artists, along with woodworking, textiles and ceramics classes, in a sprawling former 1920s-era wire factory. Dayna Gedney and Joseph Bauman tripped over the former wire factory at 121 Princess St. during an online property search.
Hamilton Music Collective
Hamilton music Collective
Arts for All
Arts + Culture

Art in the everyday

Textile artist Amanda Rataj is intrigued by the enduring quality of fabric, combined with how it inevitably changes over time. Amanda Rataj brings a thoughtful spirit and a keen eye for light and shadow to a self-taught weaving practice that she has now been pursuing for over a…
Arts + Culture

Artist Chris Myhr makes a Salient point

Hamilton artist's mid-career retrospective at the McMaster Museum of Art celebrates his ongoing fascination with water’s contradictory nature. Chris Myhr thrives on contradictions: he is an artist whose methods look a lot like science, a digital photographer fascinated by the raw, earthly substances found beneath his feet. His…
Arts + Culture

A Hamilton Homecoming

For Roger and Kareem-Anthony Ferreira, their exhibition is truly a family affair. Gatherings is on at the AGH until Jan. 8. I met with Roger and Kareem-Anthony Ferreira as family and friends were arriving for a celebration of Gatherings, their father-son exhibition at the Art Gallery…
Arts + Culture

Back to their Roots

Local artists Alex Jacobs-Blum and Kyle Joedicke are reclaiming their Indigenous past while carving out space for a bright future. The land acknowledgements that have become commonplace at our civic gatherings are often inadequate gestures to the First Nations history overwritten by colonial settlement. Vague statements of poorly pronounced…