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Causing a CoMotion

 Companies that call the King Street co-working hub home are shaking things up in the arts, gaming, technology, social services and fashion.

CoMotion occupies the old Hamilton Spectator offices on King Street in the heart of the downtown core. Photo: Submitted

If causing a commotion helps to get a business noticed, then the folks behind CoMotion are attracting attention for all the right reasons. Housed in the oh-so-historic former Hamilton Spectator offices in the heart of the core and occupying more than 10,000 square feet, CoMotion offers a variety of flexible spaces. From shared desks to private offices, the co-working hub can accommodate member companies at any stage, whether an emerging start-up, an established small or medium enterprise, or flex-space for larger corporations. Throw in office staples from coffee to fibre internet, to name but two, and members have the chance to focus solely on building their businesses.  

Fostering a supportive community with networking opportunities, CoMotion has been home to numerous innovative companies throughout its five years in business. With an always thriving assortment of talented businesses under one roof, here are just a few that are making their mark on our Ambitious City.

Hamilton Arts Council

The Hamilton Arts Council is committed to connecting artists, creating opportunities, and inspiring change in our community. It advocates for the arts to be fundamental in a healthy community and provides inclusive opportunities to build connections and sustainability in the arts. Its digital hub, The Arty Crowd, is just one of many available programs. This unique platform allows artists to create a digital profile to increase access and discovery.


Preteckt is an artificial intelligence and internet-of-things company that provides AI-driven vehicle maintenance solutions. It prides itself on delivering the highest precision repair plans to keep military vehicles, and truck and bus fleets safe, supported, and driving into the future. Conscientious of sustainable fuel technology, Preteckt is a partner in developing and supporting a solution for service providers to transition from legacy to green technologies. 

Arbelos Interactive

Arbelos Interactive designs and develops interactive software for entertainment products, mobile and console games. It offers co-development, white label development, and research, and specializes in motion control and computer vision for games.

ABRAR: Trauma and Mental Health Services

ABRAR provides affordable, trauma-informed, art-based, and culturally sensitive mental support for diverse newcomers and immigrant populations. It is dedicated to empowering individuals in our community through a variety of services, including one-on-one counselling and support and workshops. Experienced professionals prioritize creating a safe and comfortable environment where they respect diversity, vulnerability, resilience, new ideas, and passion.


Variotus is a provider of custom internet-of-things hardware and software services to both start-ups and established companies. It has extensive experience in custom sensor design, cellular communications, and solar- and battery-powered solutions.

Locke & King

Locke & King is a Canadian watch company forged in Hamilton that is crafting stylish, versatile timepieces that are heirloom-worthy and will stand the test of time. The Ossington watch is the newest addition to the collection.

SHG Studios

SHG Studios creates casual games focused on social interaction – think social café or pub with games. Notable titles include Star Pirates, Spy Battle 2165 and Zombie Moon. Following the success of these titles, the studio  recently released Star Pirates 2: Pirates of Procyon

Massive Web Design

Massive Web Design focuses on producing unique and customized websites through web development, social media, and branding. Helping businesses sync up their messaging to amplify their offerings, the company can work within a broad scope of projects.

The Get Real Movement

The Get Real Movement combats discrimination, fosters acceptance, and supports marginalized youth across Canada and beyond. Its mission is to combat racism and 2SLGBTQ+ discrimination and bullying in schools, workplaces and summer camps through education, leadership development and youth support.


From shared desks to private offices, CoMotion’s bright and airy co-working hub can accommodate member companies at any stage. Photo: Submitted