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Our first anniversary!

It’s been a year since we published our first issue! We are proud to have made it to this milestone and hope we have many more in our future.

This is yet another killer edition that we are thrilled to show you. And it’s our first cover in colour – thanks to artist Kayla Whitney for being our model!

If this is your first time seeing HAMILTON CITY Magazine – perhaps we just showed up in your mail – we hope you love what you see. 

This has been quite a year, to say the least. Nearly everyone who heard we were bringing a print magazine back to Hamilton wished us luck but said we might be crazy. They weren’t wrong. Print is incredibly challenging and producing a high-quality, beautifully designed and written magazine is an expensive undertaking.

We firmly believe that Hamilton, Burlington and our region need and deserve a magazine focused on arts, culture and city life. There is so much to talk about. Our list of story ideas is long and ever-growing.

But ad sales and other forms of revenue have been slower to materialize than we had hoped. We are working as hard as we can to make this thing a success, and so far, the founders of HCM have not taken a single dime. 

So we urge you, if you appreciate what we are doing and what HCM brings to civic life (and we know there are many of you!), please find a way to support us. Spread the word, subscribe, and support our advertisers. If you own a business in Hamilton, please consider becoming an advertising partner. If you know business owners who would see value in joining us, please connect us to them. 

If you have skills you’d like to share, please reach out. And if you are an experienced ad salesperson who knows and loves Hamilton, we are looking for you.

We continue to be determined and we are so grateful for all of you who have already got behind HCM. Together, we can do amazing things!

–The HCM team

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From left, HCM Creative Director Will Vipond Tait, photo assistant Jerrold Hewson and HCM Editor/associate publisher Meredith
MacLeod during a light test in photographer Marta Hewson’s studio.