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Welcome Letter

Ready, Set ... Launch!

We are so very thrilled that our premiere edition is finally here. It’s been a long time coming and this is just the beginning.

We will celebrate all things Hamilton because we love this city – both where it’s been and where it’s headed. There is so much to celebrate, explore, discover and discuss and we aim to do exactly that in each and every issue, and here on our web platform. 

After all, that’s what HAMILTON CITY Magazine is all about. 

Our team is grateful to everyone who supported us over the past two years as we’ve prepared for this launch. To all those who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign – our backers, those who provided amazing perks, and those who shot selfies to raise awareness – thank you. Our Founders Wall found in our print edition and here on our website is our little way of saying thank you to everyone who helped us along the way. We honestly couldn’t have done it without you.

A thank you also goes out to the advertisers who have supported our vision and all the partners we are assembling. We are confident this is the right time for HCM and it’s fabulous to see that so many of you share our enthusiasm and passion.

Our launch edition is a celebration of the arts, a critical sector to Hamilton’s identity and its future. We are so thrilled to have Harrison Kennedy on our inaugural cover.

When our incredible cover shot was taken in Marta Hewson’s Cotton Factory studio, it was half photo shoot and half Harrison holding court with stories of all the legends he has worked with, and brushed shoulders with, during his amazing career – Aretha, The Supremes, Alicia Keyes, Marvin Gaye, George Harrison, Mick Jagger, John Lennon... the list goes on.

But he talked equally – and lovingly – about growing up in Hamilton, the characters in his family and the wisdom and kindness he learned from his mother. 

With Harrison’s newest album Thanks for Tomorrow topping the blues charts in Canada, Jamie Tennant has written a beautiful story celebrating Harrison’s incredible journey and you aren’t going to want to miss it.

And finally, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is Sept. 30. The day honours the lost children and survivors of residential schools, their families and communities. These schools and their shameful 167-year history carry a painful legacy of trauma, familial heartache and stolen culture and traditions.

We are proud to showcase Indigenous artists and leaders in this issue. These are important voices advancing Indigenous ways of knowing and being. Listening to these voices is our way forward.

We invite you to dive into our long-awaited, and eagerly anticipated premiere edition and join us in celebrating not only the arts in Hamilton, but the amazing people that call our city home. After all, this is your city – and we are your magazine.

As always, we welcome your feedback and can’t wait to hear what you think of our first issue. Feel free to message, tweet, post or email and help us spread the word about HAMILTON CITY Magazine. We’re just getting started and can’t wait to have you join us on this journey!

Jeff, Marc, Mark, Meredith and Will

Our team: Will Vipond Tait, Jeff Martin, Marc Skulnick, Meredith MacLeod and Mark Wu. Photo: Jon Evans
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Judy Marsales
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