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The transformative potential of slower streets

Everyone wins when vehicles move at lower speeds and when pedestrian and cyclist safety is prioritized. Sometimes transformative change comes from a major development or initiative. Few would argue the long-term potential something like light-rail transit will have on making Hamilton a more economically and environmentally sustainable…
City Life

Talking with trees

Urban environmental artist Lesia Mokrycke has developed a database of trees in Hamilton that are older than the city itself.  Lesia Mokrycke is telling the stories of the city’s old-growth trees. Hamilton is home to oak trees believed to be more than 300 years old, including some…
Hamilton music Collective
City Life

Tiny Homes, Huge Controversy

Hamilton needs big wins to meet the housing crisis but it seems we can’t even manage tiny ones.  In April 2020, the City of Kitchener embarked on a transitional housing project called A Better Tent City – a community of tiny cabins for people experiencing chronic homelessness.
City Life

Embracing Life

Samantha Mercanti is a successful businesswoman, author and blogger who is candid about her struggles with mental illness. She wrote a book, Embracing Schizophrenia, in which she chronicles her life living with the disease. Samantha recently shared her remarkable journey, her life in Hamilton and why she refuses…