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Here's a list of what has come, gone and changed in Hamilton and Burlington in March and April. Launched & opening soon Akus Family Dining (518 Concession St., Hamilton). Taking over the former Stage Diner’s location with an extensive all-day breakfast menu, plus lunch items like lasagna, shrimp…
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Famished for the food truck

Ottawa Street’s Sew Hungry began in 2013 as a way to celebrate Hamilton’s burgeoning food truck culture. Both are still going strong. As Ottawa Street gears up for the return of Sew Hungry on May 11, the food truck scene in Hamilton has never been more vibrant. Hamilton…
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Generations of fabulous food

These Hamilton-born food empires – all founded by immigrants who arrived in the post-war boom – are now iconic fixtures of this city’s past and present. After World War II, many European families immigrated to Hamilton and broadened the city culturally. Statistically, one of the peak years for…
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For the love of Hamilton

For the love of Hamilton: This regular feature highlights people from all walks of life who have embraced Hamilton as their new home. Anthony Zolkiewicz is a veteran chef with over 25 years of experience working in various food establishments, including banquet halls, hotels, bistros and…
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Cheers to Booze-Free

Low- and no-alcohol cocktails are shaking up drink menus across the city – just try not to call them mocktails. Low- and no-alcohol cocktails have become a priority on menus across the city, with dedicated low-ABV (alcohol by volume) and zero-proof or “mocktail” menus taking up prime…
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Downtown Dundas: All but food perfect

Hamilton is a city blessed with great food and dining districts. Here, we feature downtown Dundas. If you’re a certain age you may recall people being referred to as an “old coot,” implying that they were silly, an oddball. The Oxford Dictionary suggests that the expression…