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Food + Drink

Beauty in the bake

Hamilton and Burlington are spoiled for good bakeries and these are just a few offering up sweet and savoury specialties. Whether you’re searching for a buttery French-style baked good to enjoy on your own, a double-decker themed cake for an anniversary or special occasion, or perhaps, some…
Food + Drink

Give the gift of season’s eatings

Your mouth will water just reading about the delicious food products being created and served in Hamilton and Burlington. One of these delightful gifts would be a perfect addition to a stocking, tree or holiday table near you. It comes as no surprise that buying local continues…
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Food + Drink

Dishing on the delis

Whether Polish, Portuguese, or Italian, there are plenty of local delicatessens serving up delightful meats, sandwiches, sweets and hot entrées. It’s hard to describe exactly what a delicatessen is. Many have their favourite delis to stop into, but what actually defines a delicatessen is hard to pinpoint.
Food + Drink

Getting the scoop: Don’t miss this local ice cream

The summer means we are definitely screaming for ice cream, so here is a list of some great options across Hamilton and Burlington that will satisfy your frozen cravings. When the sun is high in the sky and temperatures start climbing, what could be better than heading down…
Food + Drink

Brewing up the daily grind

A morning that begins at one of Hamilton’s wonderful coffee shops is a morning done right. Whether you are just looking to fuel up on your own with some java, yearning to chat with a friend over a hot (or cold) drink, or searching for that perfect work…
Food + Drink

Chocolate for the win

A wise man once said that ‘life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’ and in that regard, the Hamilton-Burlington area has no shortage of Gump-worthy decadence. Chocolate is a guilty pleasure for so many and the variety of chocolatiers and chocolate…