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The Trews make an ‘East Coast’ home in Hamilton

Nova Scotia natives, the three original band members have all set up their personal and professional lives in our city. Life as a rock ‘n roll band is nomadic in its essence. Pandemic lockdowns aside, extensive touring is crucial for a group’s success, as the example of The…
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Mid-week whisky tasting to unveil new spirit, song

Chris Gormley, drummer with Hamilton-based band the Trews, will debut Nectar of the Gods in the former home of Ward IV in east Hamilton on May 17. Whisky and songs and food inspired by whisky will be the stars of an event in the former home of…
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Photos: Brent Perniac and Donna Waxman Hamilton power trio Chris Caddell, Jesse O’Brien & Steve Marriner, with Andrea Cassis at Stonewalls, Oct. 18.The Trews (Jack Syperek & John-Angus MacDonald) at the Dave Rave & The Second Responders release party at Stonewalls,…