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Food + Drink

Dude, Hamilton has great pizza

Cowabunga is named best cheese slice in the world, adding to the growing reputation of the city’s pizzaiolos. There is perhaps no quicker way to create a scuffle on social media in Hamilton (staying away from, of course, politics, religion and the cats vs dog debate) than saying…
Arts + Culture

Bringing Pollyanna to life

Theatre Aquarius’s holiday family show will be the world premiere of Pollyanna The Musical and HAMILTON CITY Magazine will show you just what it takes to get to opening night. It’s a rare work of art that produces a protagonist so iconic that she becomes part of the…
Hamilton music Collective
Arts + Culture

Shining a light

At 62, Hamilton’s Tom Wilson is perhaps more in demand than ever before. Whether it’s books, films, music or painting, he’s determined to use his art to highlight Mohawk culture and combat the effects of colonialism. Putting his first memoir out into the world was a terrifying moment…