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Food + Drink

Generations of fabulous food

These Hamilton-born food empires – all founded by immigrants who arrived in the post-war boom – are now iconic fixtures of this city’s past and present. After World War II, many European families immigrated to Hamilton and broadened the city culturally. Statistically, one of the peak years for…
Made in Hamilton

A mansion lost and bungalows found

Wesanford Place was one of the most grand homes to ever exist in Durand. It was demolished to make way for 20 English-style cottages that have themselves become important elements of the city’s history. The Durand neighbourhood is blessed with a large inventory of historical homes…
Hamilton music Collective
City Life

Time After Time

With the closure and impending demolition of the Hamilton City Centre, the historic clock that has towered over the corner of York and James will face an uncertain future. Its past, however, is as storied as it is fascinating. Late in 2022, the doors of Hamilton’s City Centre…
City Life

Black History Month: Hamilton’s Civil War soldier

Nelson Stevens, a former slave, who served as a soldier in the U.S. Civil War, was buried in an unmarked grave in Hamilton Cemetery. Hamilton historian Robin McKee, known for conducting tours of Hamilton Cemetery on York Boulevard, made a startling discovery in 2007.  He was doing research…
Made in Hamilton

Making Christmas Magic

The annual Christmas party at Dofasco – once the biggest indoor employee holiday event in the Commonwealth – is a Hamilton tradition 85 years in the making. And it's now making its return after a two-year pause. Back in the mid-’60s, siblings Jim and Elaine Stewart…