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Food + Drink

Generations of fabulous food

These Hamilton-born food empires – all founded by immigrants who arrived in the post-war boom – are now iconic fixtures of this city’s past and present. After World War II, many European families immigrated to Hamilton and broadened the city culturally. Statistically, one of the peak years for…
City Life

Time After Time

With the closure and impending demolition of the Hamilton City Centre, the historic clock that has towered over the corner of York and James will face an uncertain future. Its past, however, is as storied as it is fascinating. Late in 2022, the doors of Hamilton’s City Centre…
Hamilton music Collective
Arts for All
Made in Hamilton

Sweet and spicy

Hamilton is home to a pair of iconic companies that are as delicious as they are historic. Hamilton is well-known for its healthcare, education and manufacturing sectors but let’s not forget about the city’s reputation for delectable and delicious food. In fact, we have two historic companies that…
Made in Hamilton

Making Christmas Magic

The annual Christmas party at Dofasco – once the biggest indoor employee holiday event in the Commonwealth – is a Hamilton tradition 85 years in the making. And it's now making its return after a two-year pause. Back in the mid-’60s, siblings Jim and Elaine Stewart…
Made in Hamilton

It Happened First in Hamilton

We look at 10 only-in-Hamilton events that helped put the city on the map for all the right reasons. Everything happens for a first time and Hamilton was the setting for some very interesting occasions never seen before in Ontario, Canada, or the British Empire. These events…
City Life

What’s In a Name?

When you’re cruising around Hamilton, do you ever wonder about the street names and how they came to be? Many cities have Main, King, and Queen Streets but Hamilton’s unique names are clues to the noteworthy people, events, and circumstances that helped to…