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Evolution in art

Local art galleries in Hamilton, Burlington and at McMaster University are breaking down barriers and envisioning the way forward. Art galleries around the world are collectively brushing themselves off, sharpening the nature and scope of their programming, diversifying their exhibitions, and addressing the intricacies of human nature as…
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History teaches the stubbornness of the Hamilton artist

This year has brought three exhibitions about the city’s artistic past at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, McMaster Museum of Art and Hamilton Artists’ Inc. There is a special place on my bookshelf for Climbing the Cold White Peaks, a book produced by Hamilton Artists Inc. in the…
Hamilton music Collective
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McMaster Museum of Art unveils bold new look at museums

Chasm demands exploration of the oppressive systems embedded in traditional museum practices. The McMaster Museum of Art is undertaking a bold rethinking of the museum concept. Beginning June 13, curators Pamela Edmonds and Betty Julian are presenting an exploratory collection exhibition that looks inward…
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Artist Chris Myhr makes a Salient point

Hamilton artist's mid-career retrospective at the McMaster Museum of Art celebrates his ongoing fascination with water’s contradictory nature. Chris Myhr thrives on contradictions: he is an artist whose methods look a lot like science, a digital photographer fascinated by the raw, earthly substances found beneath his feet. His…
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Pushing Photography’s Boundaries

McMaster Museum of Art offers two new exhibits exploring the representation of identity in photos. Hamilton art lovers will already know that the McMaster Museum of Art (M(M)A) is a gem of a local gallery that hosts all manner of…